What are people saying about Laura Correia as a birth doula?

“(Her) holistic presence and perspective commanded respect from the labor room team. Her advocacy for the mother’s wishes there presented and supported in a non-threatening way by her calm but assertive manner.”
“I like how you always suggested different options for us to think about before the birth.”
 “It was especially helpful to have common language/expectations such as ‘breathing the baby down’ during labor. Having read about some of the strategies, I was able to follow your guidance as needed.”
“She was always at my side…”
“You were AMAZING! I don’t even want to imagine how different my labor would have been without your support.”
“You were there with me every step of the way, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.”
“My doula was good at including and encouraging my other labor support people to participate effectively in my labor; (it’s) amazing that you were able to juggle so many needs at once!”
 “I felt like you genuinely cared and your passion for being a doula showed tremendously!”
“We both felt we couldn’t put a price on what you did for us...”
“Your presence made her and us fell more at ease and was a calming effect for us.  I praise God that you do what you do and that you are so good at it. “
“I would recommend you to everyone I know…”
“I loved the birth experience you typed up for us! I am all about memories and that is something I will always cherish and look back on.”

It is clear that your chosen work is definitely your calling.”